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Toxy J

Toxy J Welcomes You

Telling stories through music

Listen to the Beautiful Works of Singer-Songwriter Toxy J

Not one to be boxed by a single genre, artist Toxy J transcends the music scene with his genuine gift for songwriting. Besides being a master lyricist, he is also a poet and short story author.

Toxy J’s Music Library

Check out some of his recent music below.

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“Eagles Fly Everywhere”

“She’s Latina”

“Up Against The Wall”

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Anthony Johnson is a native of Philadelphia, PA. He was in his early teens when he first discovered he had a gift for writing. Poetry and short stories were his passion, but it was his love for music that enabled him to create a writing style that can be universally appealing to most genres.

Anthony has written many songs about many things. His catalog is stocked with out-of-the-box creations that talk about life—and that covers a lot. This is his first serious attempt to share his works with the world, and this is just the beginning. Continue to follow his musical journey as Toxy J and fall in love again with the art of songwriting.

In the spirit of Christmas and holiday cheer, his latest release is a seasonal recording. The song, “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” has a message that could touch the hearts of family members, friends, and even new acquaintances. Enjoy the holidays the Toxy J way!

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All songs posted will be available for other artists, producers, record labels, and more to rerecord and take it to the next level. They are also for those who simply want to listen to good, original music in all genres.